About us & our beliefs


Helping Our Mentalities Excel

H.O.M.E  Offers Residential  Drug and Alcohol  Detox & Treatment, in the City of Los Angeles-Metropolitan area, to adult men and women in a large 3 story state of the art treatment facility with a capacity of 6 Beds.

Our focus is not quantity of beds, but quality of treatment. Our program is based on the "Therapeutic Community" (TC) model of treatment. The TC model provides a safe and stable environment required for the first stages of recovery. In our therapeutic community residents and staff participate in the management and operation of the community, contributing to a psychologically and physically safe learning environment where change through amelioration can occur. The Detox process ranges from 3-10 days. The Treatment length of stay ranges from 30-90 days based on medical necessity and insurance approval.

Our treatment approach is designed to prepare individuals for transition back into their community.  Once the resident has demonstrated positive behavior changes, and has completed all treatment plan goals, a counselor will formulate a discharge plan. The discharge plan determines the resident's follow-up recovery plan. After care service planning is provided to resident's upon successful completion of the treatment program.     

Program Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a healthy, supportive , and structured environment where residents can embrace sobriety and recreate their lives. 

Our goal is to help residents halt the process of addiction and improve their life skills to help reclaim a sense of self-worth to help empower the individual to achieve long term success through a life time of recovery. 

It our program philosophy to work with our resident's individually as we establish a trusting relationship with each individual personally as we teach them and guide them to develop their own amelioration path while improving the residents self awareness and to heightening their own understanding of what triggers their addiction.  It is our responsibility to provide all resident's with the tools needed to live a peaceful, meaningful, rewarding sober life and support the individual along the way. Our hope is to thereby reduce the impact of drug and alcohol abuse upon resident's, their families and our communities.